About Our Studio

ERASURE INC originated after we looked at getting some of our own unwanted tattoos removed. Not being people that feel comfortable in a ‘clinic’ type environment, we went searching and it was really hard to find somewhere we felt comfortable and received useful information about the process (as it was all new to us) – and we assume you’re in the same position! Due to this tiring and unfruitful process we decided that we wanted to study this ourselves and rock the industry. We started with learning and understanding the procedures around Laser Safety Training – subsequently we studied Laser Tattoo removal and we have such a driven passion this has evolved into ERASURE INC. Our goal is to create an atmosphere that everyone who wants to erase their ink can come to ERASURE INC and get all the information needed, feel super relaxed and be treated by trained professionals.

ERASURE INC is WINZ Accredited.

Who are we

We are Carly and KB, we have lots and lots of tattoos, we have also had several tattoos removed – so we understand the process of both and that some tattoos you just want gone! The process is no way as scary as we originally anticipated – coverups easily achievable with a few sessions – we understand the process, and just as importantly, your aftercare and the solutions to getting around your unwanted Ink. We look forward to helping you ERASURE INC. Check out our website, if you want to come in and talk to us, that’s the best advice and option we advocate, consultations are free, we‘d love to meet you, understand the best way to help you, check out your ink and ultimately ERASURE INC!

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